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The formal and
informal markets

Female workers are paid less and women are overrepresented in low productivity positions because of lower education and the social perceptions about the roles of women. Regulation of rights in the workplace is very low plus discrimination and stigma put vulnerable groups (immigrants, sex workers) at risk of violence, HIV, lower wages, unable to access other sexual and reproductive health and right services.

Gender inequality around the world > Economic > Formal and informal markets

    The face of poverty is female

    What is SRHR?
    Equal opportunities for all

Gender inequality around the world 
    1. Health
    Maternal health
    2. Education
    Early and forced marriage
    Discrimination against girls
    Comprehensive sexuality education
    3. Sexual and Gender Based Violence
    1. Unpaid care burdens
    2. Formal and informal markets
    3. Empowerment
    1. Discrimination
    2. Changing social norms
    3. Peace building
IPPF’s recommendations: 6 steps for moving towards equality and sustainable development
    1. Laws that support sexual and reproductive health and rights
    2. Funding for sexual and reproductive health and rights
    3. Measure the outcomes that really matter
    4. Engage men and boys as partners in gender transformative change
    5. Laws to eliminate sexual and gender-based violence
    6. Strengthening political capacity of women at the grassroots level

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